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If you're reading this, you are probably interested in our building. Everybody recognises St Thomas', with its distinctive tower, and reputation for social justice. 

Our church, situated at the head of Northumberland Street, between the two universities and serving these and the shops and offices at the top end of the city is in need. You will undoubtedly know people who rely on our clock (people blamed us for being late to work when it wrong 2 years ago!). Our reputation for social justice is well-deserved. Hundreds of people visit every week: to light a candle for a loved one, to attend worship or a special event, to make purchases at our award-winning One World Shop. We are open every day for visitors.

You may not be aware, for it is less evident, that we face essential repairs to the roof, and we have plans to update our facilities, including the installation of an accessible toilet – so that even more members of the local community will benefit from our wonderful building, which is currently on the “At-risk” register.

The past two years have seen the installation of a new biomass heating system – the first in central Newcastle. This was achieved in spite of high installation costs, but it has reduced our carbon footprint significantly.

We are not a rich community. We receive no support from government. As a city-centre church, we have no parish, and are dependent on a small but dedicated congregation. Within that we have a core of volunteers who have supported us with huge numbers of hours (almost 2,000 over the past 4 years).

We have been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £117,000; a grant from the National Churches Trust of £20,000, and a few other smaller contributions from individuals and trusts, making a total at time of writing of £170,000. The total projected cost of making the building watertight and installing the toilets (for which we already have planning permission) is £185,000.


Will you help us? To be only £15,000 short, it feels as though we are nearly there. Any contributions will be acknowledged.

If you wish to know more, please do call in and see us, or email me at 

Colour, graceful movement and warmth
Reception for Michael Morgan's exhibition of paintings – 4 March 2016

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Roof repairs start
Thanks to money given by lottery players, the church will be able to host many more events and visitors.

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