This week's notices


Sunday 24th September: 15th Sunday after Trinity

Presiding minister & Preacher: Revd Catherine Lack


Calendar of Services

1 October

16th Sunday after Trinity

Revd Catherine Lack

8 October

17th Sunday after Trinity

Revd Catherine Lack &

Revd Dagmar Winter

15 October

18th Sunday after Trinity

Revd Catherine Lack


Sunday– Fundraising Subgroup meets

Tuesday 26th Chain of Peace meets

Wednesday 27th: Voices of Faith "Death & dying: moral & spiritual challenges" An interfaith dialogue evening at the Sikh Gurdwara. 6.00-8.30pm. All welcome

Sunday 1 October "A monk's tale" celebrating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther. 'Horrible histories' meets Monty Python'. Sounds intriguing! Holy Trinity, Jesmond, 7pm. £10

The building work continues to go well. They started to dig the drains for the new toilets this week. This will take a few weeks - then we have a gap until after Christmas. Donations towards the work always welcome: payable to St Thomas the Martyr Trust. 


SUGGESTIONS WELCOME for fundraising ideas for the building works. Whether you know somebody who could perform a concert or event, or whether it’s something off-the-wall, please come forward! Please speak to Hannah or another member of FSG, or simply come along to the meeting after the service.


We are running out of "favourite hymns". This means that if anyone would like to suggest hymns to sing at St Thomas' in the next few weeks, please speak to Catherine. 


If you have a bit of time free on a Saturday morning, we need volunteers to help serving teas and coffees. This is to provide a welcome to the community, as well as raise money for the reordering project. Lizzie is now looking after the rota for this (Thanks, Lizzie!). Please sign up on the notice at the back of church if you can help, 10.30am-1pm Saturdays.


St Thomas' is now on Twitter! The address is @sttomsnewcastle which is the same as the website. Many thanks to Lizzie, who set it up for us, and even tweeted the Lord Mayor's service! 


Don’t forget to return your moneyboxes when they’re full! If you need a new one, please see Hannah. All funds raised go towards the reordering.


Suggestions for this website always welcome.We do our best to keep it up to date, but can't always manage it. if you'd like to help, please do speak to Catherine or to Jonathan. 



St Thomas the Martyr: For God, for the city, for the future


The Herman Schier Vestry is now available for bookings


One very simple way of helping us  is to enrol with Everyclick and Give as you Live so that every time you search on line (Everyclick) or buy (GAYL) a donation will be made to the heating fund at St Thomas the Martyr Trust.. 

To find out more go to

and enter St Thomas the Martyr Trust as your chosen recipient - it's as simple as that!

There is also a donations box in the church building.