Building development

The latest development work is complete!

We are delighted to annoucnce that the recent conservation and development work at St Thomas' has been completed. The roof is now watertight, and the plastering done. New toilets have been installed, along with a water fountain for local people to refill their water bottles, our bid to support the reduction of single use plastic. To cap it all, the decorators have been in to restore St Thomas' to its original glory! 

On Thursday 19th April, we held a celebration and dedication event - The First Flush - when Bishop Christine cut the (loo roll) red tape and formally declared the new facilities open for business!

The project has been a significant undertaking and we are grateful to grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, The National Churches Trust, along with other grant-making bodies and fund-raising by the community.  

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we are already looking at what the next steps might be to take St Thomas' into the future as a contemporary, multi-use space, for the worshipping communties that gather here and for other community user-groups.

Watch this space...

A performance by Newcastle Wind Band brings to an end the First Flush celebrations 


We have been on a long journey to re-order St Tom's for a sustainable future, and we still need your help! 

Here at St Thomas', we have the best location in Newcastle, a wonderful, small but committed, congregation, and a large amount of hope and prayer. We believe our building could be used by many more people, for the greater good of the whole community.

The first part of this was completed in May 2014: We have re-furbished the room, now re-named "The Herman Schier Vestry", which is available for letting out to groups. Please do ask - good rates are available. If we let this space out at a commercial rate, we can use the profits, after expenses, to help community groups use the space which they otherwise couldn't afford. We already host Alcoholics Anonymous, AlAnon, Tyneside Claimants Union, asylum seeker groups, Movement 4 change, and "Make Poverty History" as well as numerous one-off events.

The next stage was the heating. In February 2014 the boiler gave out. We needed a replacement  and after consultation opted for a wood pellet boiler, which reduces our carbon footprint significantly. We are the first building in the centre of Newcastle to do this. It is very exciting, and we're convinced it's the right thing to do. The boiler was installed in March 2015, and we held a "church-warming party" to celebrate. All those who had helped us, advised us, and those who'd continued to support us even throughout the cold winter, were invited. 

But the roof was still leaking, and the facilities were not really fit for purpose. So we sat down to decide how to fund-raise for the bigger project. There are two main aspects to this: making the roof watertight (and re-plastering, re-painting the walls affected); and installing toilets, including accessible toilet. This work is now in progress... 

In November 2015 we heard that we had been given a "first round pass" Heritage Lottery Fund award and it took until March 2017 to complete the second round application. Together with a successful application to the National Churches Trust, who are giving us £20,000 and the generous support of members of the congregation, we raised the money necessary.

And we have been inspired to do more: renew the lighting which is poor, repaint the outside doors, put in place protection for the Boiler House steps. And when all the other work is done, we plan to widen the tarmac area at the east end, to avoid it getting chewed up with tyre marks.

So we are still fund-raising: moneys raised will go towards all this work.  


St Thomas' will remain first and foremost a church - but we are restoring the church to its place at the centre of the community - a facility which everyone can use. We have a great reputation in this city for being an inclusive church - open to all - strong on social justice, and hosting discussion. We welcome interfaith dialogue, and people from all parts of the Christian spectrum to speak and debate here.

 Please support us in the next stage of our mission

We have no government funding and are not a parish church. Help us to create a secure future for St Thomas' and increase its use by the wider community.

Donations always welcome: payable to "St Thomas the Martyr Trust" which is the Building Fund - so the money won't go on general church expenses


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