Exhibitions in St Thomas' Church


St Thomas' is an excellent space for exhibitions • city centre • good public transport • open Monday to Saturday and on Sundays for services • average of 12 visitors per hour

Over the past few years we've had a wide variety, including

  • The Changing Face of HIV

  • DEEP COAL – DEEP COMMUNITY: 30 years after the 1984-5 Miners' Strike

  • WALLS WALLS WALLS: a future for the Israeli Separation Barrier?


  • annual Holocaust commemoration THE EMPTY CHAIR

  •  abstract paintings from dance and aerial silks by Michael Morgan

  • light and sound installation Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (I) by Gareth Hudson

  • A KING IN NEWCASTLE – Newcastle commemorates the 50th anniversary of Martin Luth King's visit in 1967 and learns for today

  • HOW COME WE DIDN'T KNOW: Privatisation: the corporate takeover of our NHS

During November 2016 we hosted an exhibition for Newcastle City Chain of Peace. Writing and artwork by schools, culminating in an event on Thursday 17th November when we had 200 people in St Thomas' - 150 of them school students - celebrating work for peace. 

Ideas for exhibitions welcome – contact Jonathan Adams (adams.j@icloud.com or phone 07903 911771)