Michael Morgan: Paintings from dance and aerial silks

   photo: Davey Poremba (flyfilmsuk@gmail.com)


I work with dance as a lighting technician and designer. …
I have now had the opportunity to sit, study and sketch dancers in various situations. …
All of the shapes and lines seen in the paintings displayed are taken strictly from original sketches … [of] the more angular structured parts of the human form whilst in motion.
Adding colour was very much more experimental.



Catherine Muckle

“Michael observed a specific dance improvisational task and with spirals, lines and flicks. He began to process the moving bodies into the incredible work exhibited. Being able to identify elbows, wrists, legs and other parts of us in Michael’s work adds to the playfulness and beauty of it, I cannot wait to see and explore more together.”

photo: Janet Allison

Claire Harvey

“I love that this is Michael's interpretation of our improvisation, our play, our dance and my favourite part of it is the colours used. They are bright, bold, warm – everything I feel when I get to dance in and amongst the aerial silks.”

photos: Davey Poremba (flyfilmsuk@gmail.com)

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