Colour, graceful movement and warmth

On Friday 4 March, we celebrated the exhibition in the church of paintings by Michael Morgan.

The shapes and lines in Michael's abstract works are taken from his sketches of dancers and aerialists. On Friday evening two of the dancers performed in front of the paintings.

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The crowd of onlookers marvelled at Lynn Campbell and Claire Harvey. With grace beyond the comprehension of most of us, Lynn and Claire turned the tension between gravity and a trapeze or flowing green silk into a slow motion aerial ballet. On bass guitar Keith Mills accompanied their movement and the performances gave us a fresh understanding of Michael Morgan's lively paintings.

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There was the laughter of children exploring our building and animated conversation and all present caught a glimpse of expressive possibilities of St Thomas' wonderful space in the centre of the city.


"Congratulations for a wonderful event this evening. I'm sure I was not the only one who left feeling invigorated and inspired." RP


The evening was made possible by generous support by

Photo credits: 1: Davey Poremba (; 2: Janet Allison; 3: Jonathan Adams

To read more about the exhibition CLICK HERE.