Vision statement:

Be as Christ to one another and to the World.

Through laughter and the Spirit, worship and prayer we journey together:

  • Welcoming all people
  • Working for justice in the World
  • Listening and learning
  • Caring for each other
  • Questioning and reflecting theologically to disturb and change
  • Encouraging dialogues between different approaches
  • Connecting with the City


The Church of St Thomas the Martyr exists for:

The Glory of God

  • a glory both seen and unseen: 
  • the glory of an inspiring building
  • worship that offers a window into heaven, 
  • the glory of a God who shows self-giving love -- â€‹pushed out of the world onto a Cross 

The Sake of the City

  • A city of riches and need: 
  • the riches of creative citizens and caring groups with whom we seek to work in partnership in order to meet the needs of body, mind and soul of individual, group and community. 

The Easing of the Heart

  • An easing of the burdens of life, 
  • an easing of the loneliness of the soul, 
  • an easing of hearts that long to work with God but are not sure how.